Ashley Naked at the Library

Ashley Packins groggily rose from her slumber, her brain firing off as she woke, starting up for the day ahead of her. She yawned and stretched her hands behind her back as she looked to the window. It was fairly early, so there was light outside, but not too much. Knowing she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, she got out of bed.

Ashley's mood immediately rose when she realized today was her day off. She was caught up on homework, she had no classes that day, and no other plans. She was free to do what she wanted.

She looked towards her open closet. Inside sat a large trench coat that looked out of place in a college girl's closet. Ashley felt a small smile on her face.

See, recently, Ashley had been interested in trying out some...mild exhibitionism. She'd found herself interested by the concept after being exposed to it on some..."certain sites", and so she'd gotten a trench coat to try going out...but in *just* the coat, nothing else.

It would be her first time trying it out, but it could be fun. Or it could end in her getting caught and possibly getting kicked out. She decided not to focus on the second option.

Of course, there were other things she could do. She could go hang out with her friend James, or go for a walk...but she could do those kinds of things other times. It wasn't often she got the opportunity to go out and...test her new possible fetish.

Ashley smiled again to herself as she walked over and grabbed the slightly oversized coat. She'd been waiting for a good opportunity to do this, and today seemed to be that opportunity! Why not?

Still smiling, Ashley made sure her windows were closed and the curtains drawn as she stripped out of her pajamas, until she was standing naked in front of the coat. She glanced over at a nearby mirror. She was met with the reflection of her petite form, her modestly-sized breasts, and short blonde hair. She also could see her clean, nicely shaven crotch. She put hygiene at a high priority, so she made sure to shave often. With a shiver, she took in the feeling of her nude body in the chill air before grabbing the coat and sliding it on.

It had light fur on the inside to keep her warm if it was cold, which this early was a nice thing. It felt weird having this huge coat over her naked frame, but also felt invigorating.

She made sure it was secure, and faced the door. Time for the first step: going outside her room. She took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked out.

Immediately, she felt tingles as she spotted someone else, a guy, also exiting his room. He gave her a strange look, but quickly lost interest and went on his way. She shivered. A guy had just seen her wearing nothing but an overcoat!

Now the college wasn't a stranger to naked students, obviously in a place like this there would be people dared to streak through the halls, or people like herself who got caught. But, a while back, Ashley would've never expected she'd be like them.

But here she was.

She crept down the halls, still wearing some sandals, as she didn't want to walk barefoot. Not only would it be uncomfortable, but also might arouse suspicion. So she went on her way.

She crept down the halls slowly, taking in the feeling of her nude body under the coat as other students continued to give her strange looks. None actually confronted her though, so before long, she had reached the main door to the building.

Here was the second step: going outside. She would be completely naked save for a coat...outside. She hesitated for only a second before she shoved it down, opened the door, and stepped out.

She felt the cool air against her ankles, her face, and hands. She breathed in deeply, and shivered once more. She was almost completely naked outside!!

She could see students milling about, which only filled her with more anxiety, and simultaneously joy. All of them were oblivious to her state of dress, or lack thereof, under the coat.

Now then, she didn't want to just stand there like a weirdo, so she considered her options. She could walk around the campus, staying nearby, she could take a stroll down the streets, go to a store, or even get on a bus! There were a lot of possibilities to choose from!

After a moment, Ashley decided to stay on campus and head to the school library. She knew on a day like this, it wouldn't be very populated, so it was a pretty safe bet to try this out.

Ashley made her way across campus with a smile on her face. She greeted those she came across with hellos and good mornings, which they returned. It didn't take her long to get to the large building, and she went inside.

Due to the fact that Ashley came here often, and that the woman had an incredible memory, the librarian, named Margaret, behind the main desk greeted her by name.

"My my, what are you wearing, dear?" She said in a sweet accent that only older women were able to manage.

"I-it's just an outfit I wanted to try out. It was cold enough, so why not?" Ashley said, hoping she wouldn't question it further, and she didn't. Margaret simply nodded.

"I wouldn't wear it, as to my knowledge, usually only men wear those things, but I won't stop you, you do whatever you want. I know these days anyone can wear anything they want." She said, giving her a smile. "Now, was there anything you were looking for in particular?"

"No, I just wanted to find a nice, quiet place to read." She answered. Margaret nodded.

"Understandable. Well, luckily for you, this place is nearly empty. I think there's maybe two other students in the whole building, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a nice spot." She informed Ashley. Ashley nodded in thanks, and went on her way.

Of course, Ashley didn't grab a book, instead she went upstairs, knowing that the higher up levels weren't as visited anyway. She could tell by the slightly eerie silence that this floor was empty. She grinned and walked over to a table, pulled out a chair, and sat down. She became acutely aware of the feeling of the coat against her butt as she sat. She breathed, and breathed out.

Well, there was only one thing left to do, wasn't there?

Ashley took a deep breath as she prepared herself. She was finally doing it, after thinking about it for weeks now, she was finally gonna do it.

Ashley slowly gripped the straps of the coat, and started undoing them. With every strap that came undone, her heart beat faster and faster.

Only three left.

Three straps protecting her body from the outside world.

She undid one, leaving her at two.

She didn't know if she was even breathing anymore.

She undid another, leaving her at just one.

She stopped, her heart racing as she exhaled the breath she'd been holding. With a gulp, she undid the last strap, and felt the coat go loose. She did one last look around before she pulled her arms out of the sleeves.

Even just having her arms out and exposed was exhilarating. As she pulled them out, the coat fell, showing off her collarbone, and a little bit of cleavage. She giggled, and grabbed the sides of the coat.

This was it.

She pulled it open, and let it drop down her body. She couldn't contain her laugh as she looked down at herself.

Her breasts were now fully out in the open. If someone came around the corner right now, they'd see every inch of her modest bust. Her nipples were hardened from arousal, and she gently poked them. But she wasn't going to stop there.

With a deep breath, Ashley stood up and allowed the coat to fall completely off of her body.

She was now fully naked, outside of her room, in a public place! Everything was on display, from her breasts, to her smooth, blemish-free ass, to her shaved crotch. Anyone would be able to see anything!

Ashley shivered at the amazing sensation of the cool air of the building against her body. She looked down at the coat and giggled. She looked around the room, wondering what she should do now.


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